How To Install Trusted Root Certification Authority With MMC


sometimes we need to install a third part Certificate as "Trusted Root Certification Authority".


You can run windows MMC tool by following:

1) Start MMC Tool

Click Start -> Run -> Entry MMC and click 'OK'

2) Click File -> Add/Remove SnapIn...

3) Add Certificate

Select 'Certificates' in left panel and click 'Add' to move to right panel , Then Click 'OK'

4) Select 'Computer Account' option and click 'Next'

5) Click 'Finish'

6) Click 'OK'

7) Start to import Trusted Root Certificate

A. Expand Certificates Node;
B. Right click Trusted Root Certificates -> All Tasks -> Import.

8) Click Next

9) select downloaded Certificate file

Click 'Browse' to select correct Certificate file and click Next

10) Click Next

11) Click Finish

12) Done


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