Database Mart Data Centers

3 data centers in the US. We are still expanding. Deploy your applications closer to you and your visitors.

3 Locations

  • Dallas, Texas (South US)
  • Denver, Colorado (Central US)
  • Kansas City, Missouri (Central US)

Location: Dallas, Texas

A Server in Dallas, Texas
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60,000 sq. ft. of office space.
24/7 technical support staff on-site.
Easy access to kitchen/break room.
On-site customer support center available.
Business continuity center.


2 transformers with 3500 kVA capacity with expansion to 10MW.
2 x 2 MW Cummins generator backup.
3 x 600 Liebert kVA UPS in 2N+1 configuration.
14 x 125 kVA Liebert PDUs in an A/B configuration.


12 x 30-ton Liebert air-cooled units totaling 360 tons in N+2 configuration.


24/7/365 secured entrance.
Physical access pre-approved via access permissions defined by the customer.
Government issued photo ID verification.
Documented ingress and egress history.
Card-key access into data center.
Locking cages / suites.
Interior and exterior video surveillance.
Custom security options available.
Perimeter fence with security gate.

Critical Environments Management

Experienced 24x7x365 facilities management team.
Environment (thermal conditions) monitored 24x7x365.
All Building Management Systems (BMS) monitored 24x7x365.
Comprehensive energy metering systems.

Location: Denver, Colorado

A Server in Denver, Colorado
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SSAE-16 SOC I Type II and SAS 70 Type II compliant.
PCI DSS compliant.
5,000 sqft expandable to 15,000.
Cabinets, cages, and private suites solutions.
Systems above 500-year flood plain.


High-efficiency UPS systems Support up to 800 KVA A and B.
LED lighting system.
24 hours of on-site fuel storage.
N, N+1, 2N UPSs, PDUs, and RPPs; N+1 redundancy on generators.


Chilled water CRAC and Glycol.
N+1 mechanical systems.


Dual Cisco 6509's with Edge 6500 Cisco Routers with the latest supervisor cards.
Full bgp on routers with full routing table (1 million routes).
Three or more carriers on ten ( 10 Gig) fiber paths from One Wilshire.
Redudancy on seperate fiber lines connected to One Wilshire.

Security and Support

Dual-interlock pre-action dry-pipe sprinkler system with VESDA.
24-hour staffing of Network Operations Center (NOC).
Mission-critical controls and monitoring.
Perimeter and interior IP-DVR cameras available.
Key card access and Biometric scanning.

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

A Server in Kansas City, Missouri
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Connections available to AMSIX, DE-CIX and SIX.
Bandwidth Providers: KCFiber/liNKCity, Wholesale Internet, Zayo, AT&T, UPN, Consolidated, Hurricane Electric.
Dedicated Wave and DF available to 1102 Grand, 1100 Walnut and 101 Holmes.


Diverse power feeds from diverse substations (Avondale and NKC).
Dedicated substation breakers.
Dedicated power lines direct to NKC substation.
Evergy tier 1 customer (same restore priority as hospitals and 911).
N+1 natural gas generators.
Redundant A/B/C/D power available.

Security and Support

24/7/365 monitored video surveillance.
100% 4K UHD cameras.
Every part of the data center floor can be seen from 2 angles.


N+1 HVAC Units.
Raised floor design with hot/cold aisles.
Temperature/Humidity/Pressure sensors on every rack.
Autonomous humidity regulation.