How to Approve the Certificate Authority for Validation

Approving the Certificate Authority for Validation refers to the process of confirming the authenticity and ownership of a website or domain by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) before issuing an SSL certificate.


After the certificate is configured in our client console, you need to respond to the approve/validate request from the certificate authority to get the SSL certificate issued. This is a guide on how to approve/validate the certificate. There are three authentication methods:

fiber_manual_record HTTP
fiber_manual_record DNS
fiber_manual_record Email
Method 1: HTTP
HTTP validation method requires you to upload a specific file to your website's directory for authentication. Once uploaded, the certificate authority will verify the file's presence to confirm domain ownership.

1. Copy the 'File Content' content.
After selecting HTTP as the authentication method, the 'Authentication Method' module will display the 'File URL' and 'File Content.' Please copy the content of 'File Content.'

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2. Create your file
fiber_manual_record In your server public or home directory (where your public website files live), please create a new folder titled '.well-known'.
fiber_manual_record Inside of the '.well-known' folder, create a second folder entitled 'pki-validation'.
fiber_manual_record Inside the 'pki-validation' folder, please create a file named 'fileauth.txt' and paste the content copied from the above steps into the 'fileauth.txt file'.

3. Make sure that the newly added file can be accessed on Internet
If you are successful in the creation of the verification file path outlined above, you should be able to view the unique file contents by accessing your verification file path in any web browser.Here is a sample:
Accessing the URL http://your-domain/.well-known/pki-validation/fileauth.txt should yield the result as shown in the image below.


If you can view the unique file contents by accessing your verification file path in any web browser, your SSL will be issued shortly.

Method 2: DNS
To complete the domain verification by the DNS method, you will need to add a TXT record.

1. Get TXT record details.
You will get the TXT record details(Alias) while you choose the authentication method as DNS.
Here is an example of what you will get:

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2. Add TXT record.
Add a TXT record on your domain’s name server as follows:
fiber_manual_recordRecord Name: The name should be blank.
fiber_manual_recordRecord Value: The value you get from the previous step.
Note: Whether you purchase the certificate for a main domain or a subdomain, the record should be added to the main domain.

3. Check if the TXT record is ready.
If you would like to see if the TXT record has propagated to the internet, you can check the record using any DNS record lookup tool, for example:
If the TXT record is propagated, your SSL will be issued shortly.

Method 3: Email

1. Get the approval email
If you select the Certificate Approval Email option, you will receive an email at the following pre-authorized email addresses associated with your domain, which must be completed for the vendor (CA) to issue the certificate.

Please make sure at least one of the following emails are valid:

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Please check your email inbox for the verification email. If you haven't received it, you can click the 'Resend Approval Email' button shown in the image above to resend the authentication email.

2. Complete the request
An link to complete the request will be provided in the email. Here is an example about the approval email:

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