How to Connect to a Database Using MySQL Workbench

To connect to a database using MySQL Workbench, follow these steps:
Requirements: Download and Install MySQL Workbench on your local computer: Open MySQL Workbench Create a connection to the server: Click on New Connection Fill in the requested information
Connection name – The name that will be shown in MySQL Worbench (Does not affect connection)
Hostname – The IP address or hostname for the server
Port – 3306 is standard, modify if the server listens on an alternate port (Public Cloud uses 3336)
Username – Usually root, but any account with similar privileges will work
Note: Most MySQL instances are configured to not allow root connections from external servers. If this it the case, RDP to the server and use MySQL Workbench directly on the server The rest of the information can stay as is Hit Test Connection Insert the password for the account and try to connect If your connection is successful, hit OK