Domain General Process

Domain refers to the name that identifies a website or a network resource on the internet. Technically, a domain name is a string used to locate and identify computer services on the internet. For example, in the URL, '' is the domain name. The Domain Name System (DNS) is used to map human-readable domain names to IP addresses that computers can understand.


Buying and configuring a domain is not a complicated task. The following article will teach everyone how to purchase and use a domain through a few simple steps from Database Mart.
Part 1: Order a Domain
Database Mart offers six Domain Extensions, allowing you to select based on your business requirements. You can place your order either on our Domain sales page or through the Client Console. Please enter the domain name, select your desired domain extension, and click 'search' button.
choose plan

Fill out the relevant order information and submit the order.

edit order

On the Order Confirmation page, fill in the purchaser information, and then click the 'Confirm' button to make a payment.


Fill in the information for the domain owner. After submitting the information, wait a few seconds, and the domain will be successfully registered.

Part 2: Domain DNS Management
When your domain purchase is successful, you will be automatically redirected to the DNS management interface.

You have two options for configuring DNS:
1. The default option is to use the name servers provided by the provider.
2. Choose your own name servers.
Option 1. Using the name servers provided by the provider

Click on 'Add Record', enter the corresponding DNS information, and then click 'Confirm'. In the DNS list, there are also options for editing and deleting.


If you need to modify the Type and Name, you need to delete this entry and add it again.

Option 2. Using your own name servers

On the DNS management page, select the second option.


The system will automatically prompt a pop-up window for modifying the name server. Enter the corresponding name server information, then click 'Confirm'.


After successful modification, it will appear as shown in the figure below.

Once you have updated the domain name server settings and DNS records, you need to wait for DNS propagation to complete. This typically takes a few hours, sometimes longer. During this period, accessing your domain may be redirected to the new server, but this process may experience some delays.