Database Management

Database is a common environment. Listed below are knowledge-based articles about Database you may find useful.


Connect to MSSQL remotely

Four steps will guide you connecting to MSSQL remotely via SSMS.

  • Server Name: the name or IP of the database server. Type PORT after the IP or name to specify a different port (e.g. “,2433″).
  • Authentication: SQL Server Authentication is listed by default.
  • Login: Your username you have set up for the database.
  • Password: Your password you have set up for the user.

Backup and restore MSSQL via SSMS

How to Take a Backup of Database in SSMS?

  • Run SQL Server Management Studio from the Start Menu.
  • Backup the Database.
  • Done.

How to Restore a Backup of Database in SSMS?

  • Run the SQL server Management Studio from the Start Menu.
  • Restore the Database.
  • Done.


Connect to MySQL Using MySQL Workbench

How to Connect to a Database Using MySQL Workbench?

Requirements: Download and Install MySQL Workbench on your local computer
New Connection Fill in the requested information:

  • Connection name – The name that will be shown in MySQL Worbench (Does not affect connection)
  • Hostname – The IP address or hostname for the server
  • Port – 3306 is standard, modify if the server listens on an alternate port (Public Cloud uses 3336)
  • Username – Usually root, but any account with similar privileges will work

Backup and restore MySQL via Commands

How to Backup and Restore MySQL Database in VPS?

  • Login to MySQL server.
  • Open a command window.
  • Input a run command.